An Advent series through John 1:1-18

Sermons in: Grace Upon Grace

January 03, 2021

Children of God
Mike Stancak

In this final week of our series on the prologue to John, we see the...

December 27, 2020

Life Itself
Mike Stancak

In the teachings of Christ recorded in the Gospel of John, Jesus often...

December 24, 2020

Grace Upon Grace
Mike Stancak

After a year of this kind, Christmas can feel out of place. How do we...

December 20, 2020

No One Has Ever Seen God
Mike Stancak

What was it that the earliest witnesses of Jesus saw? Miracles? Great...

December 13, 2020

Tabernacle Redux
Mike Stancak

This week we begin our Advent series in the prologue of John. John's...

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