Vicki Schick

Children's Ministry Coordinator

Vicki became a believer at a young age. As a child, she was always helping out in church alongside her parents in areas of children's ministry, VBS, and other ways. She grew up mostly in Lake County, but also lived in Georgia for a short time. She came back to Illinois to complete her degree in Psychology at Trinity International University. While she was there, she reconnected with her friend and now husband of 18 years. They have four children together. They have been at Trinity since 2013. Vicki supports Sarah in Children's ministry and also helps out with various other administrative tasks. She enjoys serving the church in any way she can. Vicki is also thankful that her children are able to witness work and service in church. So, just as Vicki helped her parents when she was young, her children also help as volunteers in children's ministry. It is her hope that as they grow older they will continue to serve. 

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