Care and Support

At TCC, we desire to be together as a community, loving God and loving others. We want to be a church that demonstrates our love for God and people by caring for the people within it.


Receive Care

Care is often needed when navigating…
  • Health-Related Difficulties (sickness or injury, new baby, upcoming treatment)
  • Major Life Transitions (moving, job change, etc.)
  • Personal Loss
  • Non-Routine Tasks or Projects
  • Other General Hardships and Practical Needs

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Give Care

Practical ways to give care to another in our TCC community: 
  • Sharing Your Presence (visiting, calling, writing, giving a gift)
  • Cooking a Meal
  • Providing Caregiver-Related Help
  • Driving 
  • Cleaning
  • Partnering in General Life Tasks
  • Assisting with Projects (building, repairing, planning, organizing)
  • Providing Financially

give care


Mercy Ministry

God does not need us, but he chooses to use weak people to carry and proclaim this saving message. It is our awesome privilege to spend our energies and our lives for this cause. At Trinity, we want every member to be involved in God’s work, whether here in Lake County or around the world.

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Submit a Prayer Request

Do you have an upcoming medical procedure? Has there been a change in your family you would like us to know about? For many reasons, we'd love to hear from you.

Pastoral Notification

This request form goes directly to our teaching pastor and elders only.

Prayer Request

This request form goes out to our prayer team.

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If you'd like someone to call and pray with you about this, please leave us your phone number and a member of our ministry team will get in touch with you. This info is kept private.