Community Groups


At Trinity, we believe that God is calling us to be together in life and together in growth.  That means that we have been brought into God’s people to share life together and to intentionally seek each other’s discipleship.  The primary way we do this is through community groups.

A Community Group is a gathering of folks from Trinity and from our neighborhoods who share life and grow together.  They meet in homes, coffee shops, parks or wherever, and are made up of singles and families, young and old, men and women.  Many Community Groups discuss Sunday’s sermon, while some work through a particular book of the Bible. Our Community Groups share meals together, pray for one another, encourage each other and spend time investing in one another’s lives. Everyone at Trinity is strongly encouraged to be actively involved in a Community Group. 

If you are new to Trinity, a Community Group is a great place to meet people. If you have children, several groups offer childcare.


Community Groups care for each other, encourage each other along in the way of Jesus, share fellowship together and cooperate in God’s mission together. What a group does week to week may change depending on the needs of those who are a part of it, but below are some typical rhythms you can expect to find in most of our groups. These rhythms are adapted from a helpful little book called Saturate by Jeff Vanderstelt.


Community Groups share meals and hospitality together as God’s people have always done over the years.  Christians are just as much a feasting people as a fasting people.


Community Groups seek to rejoice with those who rejoice and mourn with those who mourn, creating spaces where each of us can be open with our lives and bear each other’s burdens.


Sometimes we connect far more deeply over a board game than we do a serious talk.  Community Groups make space for fun and frivolity, knowing that who we are at play is a big part of what makes us us.


The Christian life is a life of prayer, and as Community Groups we know that there are few things more important to our shared life than approaching the throne of God with and for each other.


Community Groups are workshops for discipleship.  We study the Scriptures, address habitual sins and inner wounds, and practice spiritual disciplines, all to draw nearer in likeness to our Lord.


We are called to serve our communities, and what better way than to share the task with our Community Groups?  Together we brainstorm ways to demonstrate God’s Kingdom here in Lake County.

How to Find a Community Group

Our Community Group list below has the times and locations of the different groups - or you can click on the points in this interactive map!

Have a question or need help finding a group? Email Mike, our teaching pastor, and let him know what you're looking for.

email mike


During the global pandemic, Community Groups are still connecting in various ways. Reach out to a group you're interested in to hear how they are meeting during these times!

The Andersen Group

led by Frank & Betsy Andersen  |  EMAIL FOR INFO
Meets Tuesdays at 7:30 PM    |  Over Zoom currently

The Gumminger Group

led by David & Kristin Gumminger  |  EMAIL FOR INFO
Meets the first and third Fridays at 7 PM  |  varying locations

The Uyeda Group

led by Michael & Minna Uyeda  |  EMAIL FOR INFO
Meets most Wednesdays at 7 PM  |  Email for updated times

The Allan Group

led by Carissa & Jeff Allan  |  EMAIL FOR INFO
Meets every other Saturday afternoon   |  Email for updated schedule

The Jacques Group

led by Shawn & Mary Lynn Jacques  |  EMAIL FOR INFO
Meets Sunday evenings at 5 PM. Childcare and dinner provided. |  various locations

The Stanczak Group

led by Mike & Ashley Stanczak  |  EMAIL FOR INFO
Meets Tuesday evenings at 6:15 PM   |  email for updated times