Workshop on Fasting & Prayer

May 16, 2020 | Womens Ministry by Kristin Gumminger

So we fasted and petitioned our God about this, and he answered our prayer. Ezra 8:23

We find ourselves in the midst of confusing times. Our human will to endure through hardship may be starting to show wear and tear as we near two full months of sheltering in place. For some of us, incomes have dwindled or stopped. Days may be blurring together.

Many of us are facing mental and emotional challenges. Some are struggling from what feels like too much continual contact with the people we live with while some of us who live alone are experiencing too little contact.

Nationally and internationally the strains are showing in political and economic structures. People are dying alone or in the company of heroic strangers, and no clear end is in sight.

For so many reasons, we need to be seeking the Lord’s face, guidance, and mercy.

Women’s Ministry hosted a virtual time of teaching and discussion about fasting and prayer. The meeting presentation is available here

Whether you have never practiced fasting as part of your prayer life or you regularly fast as part of your spiritual journey, you are invited to learn with us about the whys and hows of fasting. 

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