Gospel in Life

So often we spend our lives believing the content of the Gospel, but how does it really change the way we work, the way we consume media, the way we prioritize our weekly activities, the way we engage with friendships, or even the way we prepare to age and die?  We believe that the Gospel absolutely speaks to all those things. We will be taking topics one by one and demonstrating the real, down-to-earth, practical ways the Gospel shapes our lives.  This is Gospel in Life

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An Upside Down Kingdom

Matthew 12:22 - 20

In the next installment in our Matthew series as we see conflict heating up around Jesus.  As his ministry continues, it becomes clear that the values of the Kingdom clash with the arrogance, pride, and apathy of his day, and people start to polarize around him.  I'm sure the same will be true of us.  At every step we'll find that Jesus' grace is sufficient for the journey, as we learn the way of the Upside-Down Kingdom.


In this series we’re looking forward to exploring what’s most important in the lives of God’s people, and exactly how we as Trinity Community Church can grow in pursuing what’s most important.  We have four values as a church (Gospel, Worship, Community, and Mission), and while all of them are important, the one that holds them all together and makes them possible is the first - The Gospel.